WAYR became a formal faith-based non-profit in 2014. God continues to blee this ministry and show that it is "His" each and every day. We function with 30+ volunteers/mentors weekly and the founders donate 100% of their time to the ministry. We are blessed to continue our mission through our generous and dedicated donors. Over the last four years the ranch has seen extraordinary work in lives of these children and their families.

Due to the success of the program, one horse, one child and one mentor, waiting lists now exist for children to be served. The need for this kind of ministry has been revealing. That is, the needs of children in crisis: neglect, abuse, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol issues and broken families. Our ranch wishes to serve as many families as possible.


Doug and Marie Allen are both native to north Georgia and have a passion for providinga place where children and animals can feel at peace and feel loved. They are active members at First Baptist Church of Gainesville and serve throughout their community.

Doug has used his extensive grading and land development background in developing and building the ranch. He does not like the spotlight but Marie insists that the ranch would not be possible without him. He has created a beautiful place for children and families to visit and feel at home.

Meet the Founders


Our Vision


About Us

Our vision for this organization is to reach out to children and equine that are hurting, and provide a channel to Jesus Christ, to show them hope is alive through His creation. We hope to provide a sanctuary for equine and children here at the ranch.

Our Mission Statement


WAYR is a faith-based non- profit that is dedicated to providing hope, healing, love and acceptance to young minds, through the spirit and love of a horse, in a nurturing farm environment. The ranch facilitates healing to those children who are facing challenging circumstances in their lives. 

Marie has a background in local and foreign missions, as well as, serving as an active deacon at FBC of Gainesville. She loves to trail ride and spend lots of time in the barn. She says, “If it is therapeutic to me, why would it not be to others?” It was through witnessing hardships in childrenʼs lives and their difficulty in expressing them, she realized that her love for the equine and young souls could work together to find hope in this world.

The horses are a vessel of love, hope and healing to the broken.The Allenʼs have actively been using their horses as a therapeutic ministry to children throughout their community and feel blessed to provide a ranch exclusively for children and horses facing difficulties in life.

We now serve 40+ children a week. This involves the child coming 1-2 hours weekly to meet with their horse and mentor. This trio remains consistant throughout a young one' time at the ranch. Over time we realized the call to expand the ministry to include Stephen ministers to facilitate the children's caregivers. Due to the growth of our program, we continue to expand so that we may serve the needs of our children in the community that fall through the cracks.

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