Volunteering at the Ranch

The children who are ministered to at Whispering Angels Youth Ranch, are done by faithful volunteers. They are not coming here to get anything. They are coming here to give. Give the Love they have for Jesus, for horses, and for the children that need them. It is

within this selfless and beautiful act between broken children, broken horses and volunteers that freely give their time, and more, that we witness miracles.


We thank you for your interest in wanting to volunteer here at WAYR. First, we ask that you pray. Pray that the Lord is leading you here. These children need people that will remain in their lives during their challenging time.


Some of our volunteers will only be available for a brief period of time, such as summer break, while others can volunteer a longer more permanent amount of time. We appreciate and are TRULY blessed to have you.


If you have any additional questions feel free to email us at volunteer@whisperingangelsyouthranch.org 


Click here to fill out a short term volunteer application


Click here to fill out a long term volunteer application


Click here to print a youth volunteer reference form (ages 16-18 years) 


Please be aware all youth must also fill out an application