When you look into the eyes of a horse, there is a window into heaven. It seems as if they understand what you feel in the deeply hidden places of your heart. This place is where you find God.

There is a special bond between two, that have felt the same pain, endured the same struggles. You feel as if you can share anything with each other, never being judged for what you feel or say. HEALING happens when you find that "other" who will listen and help you through the struggle.


HEALING happens when you are able to share things that have been kept a secret, and now have someone to share them with.


HEALING happens knowing that they will be silent, just listening, so you can let it all out.


WAYR wants children to experience true HEALING. Horses have a way of drawing you in, making you feel like they know exactly what you are feeling and thinking. When a child has that... THAT is where the HEALING begins.


God HEALS the broken hearted

Psalms 147:3